Thursday, May 1, 2008


I have accomplished yarn. Pretty yarn. Multicolored yarn. Enough yarn for a whole project (although I'm not sure what project just yet). I started out with superwash merino roving by Sakina Needles in the colorway Rhubarb Pie.
SecretPal 003
I split the roving into two lengths that were nearly identical in an attempt to get two bobbins to ply that had color transitions that were roughly the same.
SecretPal 004
And then I spun.
SecretPal 022
And then I plied. (and when it turned out I had more length on my second bobbin I wound the extra singles into a center-pull ball and plied the two ends together)
Spinning 002
And then I skeined and blocked and had yarn. Lovely yarn, soft, lofty yarn.
Spinning 018
All told about 280 yards of approximately DK weight yarn. Now the only question is what to make with it.

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